Our Approach

our-approachAt Profile Legal, we invest in the relationships we have with our clients for the long term.  Our goal is to get to know you, understand your business goals and motivations and provide you with effective people solutions to support the long term growth of your business.

We do this by applying the following strategy-

Initial Meeting
We appreciate you are busy, so we will come to you, at a time of convenience.  Our main objective is to get to know you and your business, as well as give you an overview of our services and explain how we can assist you now and into the future.

Establishing the Job Brief & Position Requirements
We take a detailed job brief for each active vacancy.  This allows us to identify and recommend suitable candidates and sell the benefits of the position to potential candidates.  We can also assist you with preparing a formal position description if required.

Recruitment Process Recommendations
Based upon your individual requirements, we will then recommend an appropriate recruitment strategy and will clearly explain to you how we will assist.  We will also advise on salary levels, market conditions and available candidates suitable to your role.

Candidate Attraction
The next phase of the recruitment process is the candidate attraction or sourcing phase.  Depending upon our agreed recruitment strategy, this stage of the process could involve specialist research, joint branded or generic advertising.  We also utilise our networks, referral bases and existing candidate pools established on our database in order to source candidates.  At this stage of the process we can also assist you with the preparation of job adverts, make recommendations on where to advertise and manage the entire advertising process for you.

Candidate Screening & Assessment
Every candidate we recommend is assessed against the specific criteria we identified in the job briefing stage.  At this stage we conduct an initial telephone screening with each candidate and a second more comprehensive interview in person.

Candidate Short listing & Presentation
At this stage of the process we provide you with a short list of suitable candidates recommended for your role.  A detailed report of our candidate assessment and recommendation is presented for each candidate.

Interview Stage
We co-ordinate all candidate interviews on your behalf and manage interview feedback between yourself and the candidate.  Typically, candidates go through a two stage interview process and the employer should be able to comfortably make a decision on the candidate at the conclusion of this process.

Offer Stage
If you indicate to us that you are likely to make an offer, we will complete detailed reference checks and organise any other competency testing if requested.  We also provide advice on remuneration packages appropriate to your role, can assist in salary negotiations and negotiate notice periods and start dates with the candidate on your behalf.

We maintain a relationship and stay in contact with yourself and the candidate beyond placement.  This is to ensure that the candidate transitions smoothly into your organisation, so that any potential issues are identified and alleviated early on and so positive feedback is reinforced and communicated between both parties.

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