Support Services

We offer flexible and tailored services to support your business needs.  Summarised below is a list of additional services that we provide, or further functions that we can assist your business with.

Project Recruitment Work
If you require some additional in-house support with your recruitment projects during busy periods, for example with graduate recruitment or clerkship programs, we can be retained to assist with some or all of the functions of the process including advertising, short listing or interview stages.  Charges will be determined upfront in line with your individual needs.

If the unfortunate event that any of your employees are made redundant, our outplacement service can support them throughout this difficult period and assist them with making the transition back into the workforce.

Our service involves an initial consultation with each individual employee at a time and location of convenience where we evaluate their skills and experience, identify career goals and criteria for their next role.  We advise on salary, market conditions and job prospects and together come up with an action plan to secure them the next role, including representation to suitable positions or employers.

Beyond the initial meeting, we also provide coaching and advice throughout the job search process on areas such as resume preparation, preparing for interview and salary negotiations then remain on hand to support each employee until they secure their next position.  Our services are tailored to suit your individual needs – a fixed fee will be determined based on your requirements and invoiced on commencement of the process.

Legal Salary Advice
As part of our service, we offer complimentary legal salary advice to our clients, tailored to suit their individual needs.  We are in the business of dealing with and placing lawyers into new jobs on a daily basis, so are well placed to give you an accurate view of current legal salaries being paid in the market.  This information can be very useful when considering salary levels at annual review time or when dealing with individual employee queries.

Whilst formal salary surveys give a general overview of market rates, their results are only as accurate as the information collected and can sometimes give a false representation of the market.  Regardless of years of post admission experience, salaries for each individual employee will vary depending on their time with a firm, level of experience within a certain practice area, individual performance and the overall value their employer places on them.

We will ask you specific questions related to your query and will base our advice on the individual employee or position, not simply give you a generic range of salaries.

We can write job adverts for you, have them professionally designed by our preferred graphic designer, make recommendations on where to advertise and co-ordinate the advertising for you, all at cost effective rates.

For further information on our services, or to discuss how we can assist you further, please contact us.